C.R.A.P. Advertising

In this blog I’ll be breaking down the extraordinary handmade Play-Doh ad. By critiquing the editorial skills of the ad I will be demonstrating the knowledge of layout and design principles I’ve gained from taking the MCOM2 course at St. Lawrence College. So, without more introduction, let’s judge the C.R.A.P. of this advertisement. Contrast isContinue reading “C.R.A.P. Advertising”


In 2013, Executive Director, Lindsay MacDonald formed the dress for success with an aspiration of a world where all women are financially independent. The program is dedicated to providing guidance, mentorship, and support to primarily women in the community of Kingston and surrounding areas. The company pairs women with stylists who are skilled to findContinue reading “WORK IT”


The question “Who are you?” is the most important inquisition of Marketing. How does one boost both brand and consumer awareness to create a profile for the company. Word of mouth is the most trusted version of marketing, it is the best was to generate popularity towards the brand. Word of mouth is prehistoric, theContinue reading “RED SHEEP, RED SHEEP”

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